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Men’s custom dress shirts by Tom & Jey:


A dress shirt is an up to down buttoned shirt with long sleeves and collar; cut differently from sport shirts, they are made for formal dressing and designed to carry a jacket and tie and at the same time can also be worn with neither.

The importance of dress shirts in a man’s clothing is one that can’t be overstated; in comparison with women and their passion for shoes, some men can become quite obsessive with the quality of the dress shirts they buy while paying close attention to details such as cuffs or buttons, fabric, style, pattern, stitching, colour, weight, the collars and so on.

Thanks to its being such an integral part of men’s everyday dressing, a research by the market researcher NPD Group showed that the sales of men’s dress shirts rose to $2.9 billion in 2013; a staggering 9% increase despite the fall in the sales of suits. What’s more, with a life expectancy of roughly two years or 35 washes; some men tend to go all out in their shirt acquisition; one for every day of the week and then another set for the next week while the previously worn are being laundered; some men own as much as 50 pairs of dress shirts on the average.

The beauty of a dress shirt lies in its fit, gone are the days when you just pick something to wear off the rack; today men’s fitted shirts are basically custom made to fit each wearer. Once considered a privilege only the money bag aristocrats, stars and Wall Street bankers could enjoy; custom made dress shirts are affordable to all thanks to a largely competitive market, advanced technologies and of course a large increase in demand. Today, you can buy a custom made bespoke dress shirt for affordable prices; as low as $29.90 a pop.

A major problem with men’s dressing is that most men wear their dress shirts too big or too small resulting in it not fitting. In men’s well-made custom dress shirts, there are a number of factors that are put into consideration to make it perfectly fitted to match each wearer’s personal and unique profile:

The collar- The collar of a dress shirt is the most important part of the shirt in determining the level of the formality of the shirt as well as flattering the unique face of the wearer; it is meant to be snug around the neck; not tight nor too loose. When buttoned, it should be comfortable to wear and because it cannot be altered so it’s best to get one custom made to fit the wearer’s profile.

The chest- A fitted shirt when fully buttoned down shouldn’t be too tight or too wide; it should be just loose enough to ensure a free range of motion.

The stomach- Many shirts tend to have flaws in the stomach as they might be too big in that area leaving them flowing around the waist. Men’s custom made shirts are made in the right size to avoid this error.

The shoulders- The measurements of individual shoulders vary; while the shoulder seam of a shirt might fit a person, it might be too small or too big for another. A perfectly made shirt should have the shoulder hitting you just at your shoulder line and not up your collar bone or upper arm.

The hips- A common error made with men’s shirts is making the hips too small; when the stomach is tucked-in, the problem will be getting rid of all the extra fabric left hanging around the midsection. If the hips of the shirt are too small; it will be difficult to tuck-in, if it is too big; the shirt will start to ride-up and eventually untuck itself with every movement.

The Sleeves- the width of your shirt’s sleeve can make a world of difference. Most guys make the mistake of slim-fitting the midsection of their readymade shirts and forgetting to trim the sleeves width as well. A trim upper arm can make a shirt look so much better, just as long as it’s not tight around the biceps. The length is another issue with the sleeves; it should be just past the wrist- at the very beginning of the hand and made to show about 1/2″ under the Jacket sleeves.

The Length- Dress shirts are generally made to be tucked-in when worn to ensure a smarter look. However, a number of times you’ll just feel the need to wear your shirt tucked-out which is where the length matters; if made too long, it will be dragging around with you as you walk and believe me it doesn’t look nice. On the other hand, if made too short; the problem will be tucking in.

The Cuffs- The cuffs of the shirt should be close to the wrists, but not snug in order to create more room for your watch so the cuff doesn’t get tight or hung up.

If your shirt doesn’t meet the above stated categories, it means one of two things (or maybe both): you are still buying off the rack or you need to change your tailor.

The best dress shirts are of course fitted shirts; the best fitted shirts are custom made dress shirts and the best custom made shirts are bespoke shirts. The distinguishing elements of bespoke tailoring are that the buyer has total control over whatever fabric he wants used, he determines the features and fit, as well as the way the shirt is to be made. Which is why at Tom and Jey, we believe it is essential for every man to own at least one bespoke shirt as it unlike all other shirts take into consideration every single part of the body; forming a second skin.

Tom & Jey bespoke dress shirts are uniquely made with high quality fabric to fit.

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