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Use of Site:

TOM&JEY operates this website to provide online access to information about TOM&JEY shirts and accessories using the online payment for transactions.

Since your orders and payments are done, you will receive a confirmation number with your order by email.

By placing an order with TOM&JEY you are representing that you are allowed by your legal age and likewise you are representing that information covered for each order is accurate and true. You are a legal and entitled user of the online payment method.


User account:

TOM&JEY customers can use an account service supply through the website.

This account must be set-up by login and password.

Each user is responsible for confidentiality of his personal information needed for login and those added on your profile.

TOM&JEY could not be responsible in case of abusing or cheating on your personal account by improper protection or disclosure of these.

However you must notify us since the first unauthorized movement.


Customer/user content:

TOM&JEY welcome customer’s feedbacks, reviews, suggestions through comments, ideas, illustrations or pictures.

By posting, sharing, uploading contents and files, you agree and are responsible for information provided.

You are also guarantor of subject’s content excluding each form of: racism, pornography, hate, ethnical character or touching of another’s privacy.



‘’TOM&JEY’’ visitors can navigate everywhere on website without registration.

Personals data start to be recorded during the purchase process when creating your measurement profiles or at the newsletter subscription.

As our protected customers, we estimate and are respectful of your privacy. We guarantee not to rent or sell any of your personals information. We are deploying different methods to insure the confidentiality and security for our customer’s profiles.

You can get and also are free to ask for information about your personal data stored by us. Moreover, you have the right to order the blocking or erasure of personal data.  


Website utilization:

In general user should act as following morality and laws. Do not use the website in a way to fail, hack, or disturb the normal functioning of platform and or of the intellectual property of TOM&JEY

Users should:

       - provide exact information in forms submitting,

       - not transmit or stock any inappropriate contents, programs, electronic devices, virus able to disturb equipments, network and the classic functioning of software.

       - not make advertisements or commercials offers through the website, publish or send message using database.

In case of linking, we could not be responsible for texts and information shown, also for whom who can be reached by the others websites that we are not controlling contents.

If TOM&JEY authorize you to deep-link your website, he still keeps the right to stop collaboration at any moments if our sole discretion was not respected. Including inappropriate contents as, offensive, harmful and/or abusive language, without limitation, expletives, profanities, obscenities, harassment, vulgarities, sexually explicit language  and hate speech, references to illegal activities, malpractices, purposeful overcharging, or false advertisings, personal attacks or describes physical confrontations and/or sexual harassment.


Social network:

All these terms can also be applied for others outside websites or appliances such as Facebook, Youtube, Google+. Excluding our accounts contents of theses pages could not reflect or describe the one true visions, opinions and ideas of TOM&JEY.


Disclaimers/Limitation of Liability

TOM & JEY is not responsible for:

    - Damages or injuries of any kinds caused by the use of the site, services or websites linked.

    - The use of secure and personal information stored by fraudulent access servers.

    - All cuts and transmission stops of services or of partner sites.

    - Damage caused by means of a transaction facilitates or carries through the site.

    - In any application relating to omissions or other inaccuracies correlations in the whole content of the site.

    - Viruses, bugs and Trojans allegedly insert or transmitted through this sites or partner sites.

    - Any other matters relating to the contents, operations or others even TOM&JEY have been advised of the possibility of such incidents.


TOM&JEY keep the rights to do the followings, at any time, without notice:

    - To interrupt the operation of the Site, or any portions of the Site, as necessary to perform routine or non-routine maintenances, errors occurred, or other changes.

    - To change, suspend or terminate operation of or access to the Site, or any portions of the Site, for any reasons.

    - To modify any applicable policies or terms.

TOM&JEY might make modifications on product’s features as prices, promotions, availability and specifications on our services. Each modification is effective upon added on website.

Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Supposing your dissatisfaction regarding the website, process, service or conditions of use, your only remedy is to stop using the website.



All products are subject to guarantee the quality of our respective manufacturers. 

Our tolerance regarding shirt confection is based on international standards:
Collar and cuffs  (+/-) 0.5 cm total circumference 
Shoulder length  (+/-) 0,6 cm total length 
Chest size           (+/-) 2.0cm Total circumference 
Waist size            (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference 
Hip size                (+/-) 2.0 cm Total circumference 
Shirt and Sleeve length       (+/-) 1.0 cm Total length 

TOM & JEY does not provide the warranty or representation regarding to the information, products and services of third-party site that were, are or would be visible to users and customers TOM & JEY.


All contents including in TOM&JEY website as designs, pictures, illustrations, graphics, logos, texts, software, interfaces and in general all the website structure with these information are controlled as the only owned property of TOM&JEY.

TOM&JEY do not allow  anyone to re-use, copy, transmit, publish, build parallel works, in part or at all of contents except particulars accords between partners, retailers  and TOM&JEY.


Following these terms of use , you are aware of and agree that TOM&JEY shall unclose information to authorities or legal laws comities ,diligent, even investigation office department in case of complaint in end of  protect the rights, property or personal safety of TOM&JEY, its employees, users or visitors of the website and the public.

You agree to indemnify and advocate for the company TOM&JEY well as suppliers, manufacturers, officers, employees and any third-party contents against all claims, demands, responsibility implementation, as well as costs and expenses including   eventual attorneys fees generated   by your inappropriate use of the website or by any breach of these accordance .


Force majeure:

In case of natural disasters or force majeure, the contract between the customer and TOM&JEY may be considered legally void or TOM&JEY cannot claim any compensations, both delayed and extended delivery time in case of natural disasters.

TOM & JEY considers these following are force majeure: war, mobilization or armed persons, terrorism, trade blockades, strikes, obstructions to the free movement of goods, the extraordinary economic or customs policies, natural disasters, and any extraordinary events or circumstances beyond our control.

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