Why Tailor Made

Dress shirts have always played an important role in every man’s wardrobe. They definitely are masterpieces. 

Most of us are used to buy off the rack shirts. Whatever prices, fabrics or brands, the main issue with these shirts is the fit as they are designed to fit the masses. At Tom & Jey we also offer standard sizes but if you are looking for a truly perfect fit, tailor made to your measurements is really the only way to go. 

In fact, standard shirts sizes are based on averages; it makes the assumption that we all have the same bodies. When shopping off the rack shirts we usually find them approximately fitted but not as well as they should be. The shirts fit the neck and shoulder width but the chest and hips are way too large or vice versa, there are always parts of the shirts that simply don’t fit. 

Our tailor made shirts are cut and sewn exactly to your body measurements. We analyze and work with every detail of your measurement profile in order to create a shirt that will best suit your shape. Our goal is to give you access to tailor made shirts at reasonable prices. 

You have 3 options to get measured:

  • Add measurements from a shirt

Follow our easy guide to measure your favorite shirt and make adjustments as you need. You can do all the measuring yourself 

  • Add your body measurements

Our measurement guide will instruct you how to take your body measurements with online videos. You can also choose a fit between SLIM, NORMAL and LOOSE. We recommend to ask someone to help to do the measuring 

  • Order a standard size

Choose a size from XS to XXL and a fit between SLIM, NORMAL and LOOSE 

For your first order we recommend to order only one shirt in order to make sure that your measurement profile is perfect.